About us

At the end of December 2017, we established Sirius Young Performers Limited, our theatrical division, with the intention of providing youth performers from all walks of life an opportunity to showcase and develop their talents and own qualities as an individual through the performing arts. The model we use has proved extremely successful and popular with not only outstanding theatrical performances being demonstrated, but unbelievable self development and improvement amongst our number.

We also encourage personal responsibility guided by adult facilitation. This is producing wonderfully confident and responsible young people who understand the team as well as self. As a result, we started to think about harnessing this talent. As parents of a young performer who has been through the highs and lows of the industry and indeed having experience of three very different types of agencies, we realised that our knowledge of both sides could be invaluable. As such, we decided to launch this agency division within the company. Our focus being on under 25’s due to no restrictions with Spotlight requirements, but more than happy to consider those above 25 who have professional drama training and or a minimum of four professional acting credits in film, television or theatre.

About Us
About Us

We then began the process of gaining approval to become a registered agent with Spotlight (the main and leading service to bring together performers, agents and the casting industry together). This, we were over the moon to achieve at the end of 2018 with us going live February of 2019.

We pride ourselves on our inclusiveness, diversity, focus on our clients and performers and remembering what it was like as a performers parent. We are strongly against the exploitative segments of the industry and work strictly to BIS guidelines and rules. We do not send our performers to castings without applying a targeted approach whereby the performer fits explicitly the requests of the casting organisation.