Audition Day – How to Prepare

It is only natural to feel nervous it is completely normal to feel that way.
It just goes to show that this means a lot to you and that you want to do your best.
At Sirius all we ask is that you try your best.

We are not here to trick you, mislead or scare you. We just want to get to know you and find out a little bit more about you so we can put you forward for roles that are suitable.
Feel free to ask us any questions if you have any, we’ve put a few tips together to help your audition run as smoothly as it can go.
Good luck, keep smiling and most of all have fun!

1) Get there early – have a drive to the venue the day before if you can. Make sure your sat nav can find the address.
Check out the parking facilities, bring some change for the parking machines – This venue is free! But for future casting calls…

2)Look the part, dress smart as you want to give your best impression. clean hair, clean face and clean teeth. No fake tans!
Clothing must be ironed, smart/casual and without stripes, patterns or logo and make sure it fits well.
Keep it uncomplicated, a simple tee-shirt in a colour which suits you will be better than an over complicated look, layers of clothes also work well.

3) Learn your lines (if you have any!) Are you singing a song? Have you memorised the words? Does your backing track work? Is it on your phone/CD? Are you doing a monologue? Written word? Poetry? Dance?
Whatever you are going to show case always be prepared.

3) Be prepared to wait, we try our best to be fast paced but these things take time so feel free to bring a book or make your teacher happy and bring your homework!

4) Pack snacks, by this I mean water or plenty of fluids to keep hydrated as some of the rooms will be warm.
There aren’t any shops nearby so I would pack a sandwich or something for lunch as we don’t want to hear your growling tummies on camera!

5) Be polite, this goes along way (not just at auditions) but life in general!
There will be casting team members scouted around the venue if you have any questions.

6) Be yourself, this is really important, we want to see you and how you interact with other people.

7) Give yourself a big pat on the back for being here, you’ve done the boring paperwork, now this is the fun part.

8) Don’t forgot that you are amazing