Nick Harvey

Nick Harvey

An airline Captain by profession and having no discernible talent in the performing arts myself, I watched how my son had developed so well through performance and how happy he was and indeed still is. It was this that made me decide to branch into Sirius Young Performers Ltd to help others experience what Oscar did. By employing the amazing team we have and sticking to our core principles, I believe that Sirius Young Performers can provide an amazing theatrical training experience.


Sarah-Lee Jones

Head of Sirius Film, TV and Theatrical Agency. This was in some part due to my background on the other side of the fence. Some would say I’m a poacher turned game keeper. In other words, I know what casting producers and directors are looking for. I will be using that inside knowledge to best match you, our talent with the right opportunities. A TV Casting and film producer having worked on production for the UK’s major broadcasters on a number of different shows from Geordie Shore to Embarrassing bodies.


Lesley Harvey

Having spent all her working life working in the care sector with children in many ways, Lesley qualified as a Social Worker and continued to work with young people. In addition to this, Lesley is a trained counsellor, sing for health coach and yoga teacher. Lesley was heavily involved in founding Sirius Young Performers Limited and decided to move away from social work to focus on developing her son’s performing activities as well as Sirius Theatre Company, Siriusly Good TV and Sirius Talent. Lesley is also our in house photographer.